Do you worry about the uncertainty in the job market and feel unsure about your career path after your current contract?

Are you an academic with ambitions to become a professor but that goal seems so hard to reach? Do you feel like there is no long-term perspective for you and you are simply tired of moving between universities on short-term contracts and never staying long enough to really feel at home and build on all your efforts there? Are you thinking about taking another route, out of academia, but don’t know how or where to start?

Are you ready to start to model your career - with you and the value that you provide at the centre - so you can clearly see the next steps to take that will bring you a fulfilling and successful professional life?

Together we can systematically design your career, identify the real value you provide, and clarify the purpose of your career, so you start to confidently plan for the future you want, engaging your strengths and talents to grow personally and professionally.