As a professor you have reached the pinnacle of your academic career.

After years of hard work, you are a leader in your field and have reached the career goal you set for yourself a long time ago.

The question is – what's next? To create a new vision for oneself can be one of the challenges you face as a professor. A vision to motivate you to continue to strive for more academic success with a heavy work load in addition to increased responsibility not only for students but also for your department/team.

This all requires leadership and management skills that not everybody is prepared for or feels comfortable with.

In addition to this not everyone wants to or is able to share their struggles with colleagues and you can have a sense of loneliness being 'on the top'.


The academic career coaching for Professors will help you with the following issues ...

How to work out strategies to develop and lead a research group

How you want to manage the staff within the group in your style

How to identify required new skills you will need to fulfil your new role and position

How to handle the increased responsibility for scientific work in your department and faculty

To develop a clear vision to overcome insecurities (and possible impostor syndrome)

How you master people management

How to handle the work with an increased number of students

To find focus and clarity to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

You have worked so hard for this - so enjoy the respect you deserve for years of dedication. You also know it's not the time to rest on your laurels but to grow into your new leadership role. How do you want to inspire new scientific developments as a professor?