Tenure Trackers


As a tenure tracker you have taken the next leap in your academic career. This is a position where you cannot stay for a long time as an Assistant Professor before you need to take the hurdle to the next level to become an Associate Professor.

It is a rewarding time because you know that you have achieved a lot to get on to this career path and yet being a tenure tracker can be accompanied by certain challenges and the pressure to perform outstandingly or to leave academia.


With the help of academic career coaching for tenure trackers you will …

Learn how to deal with the uncertainties of being a tenure tracker in order to focus clearly on your career goals

Find the best way to enjoy working as an Assistant Professor and work efficiently to meet all your academic targets with ease

Learn how to prepare to successfully satisfy all your performance targets to become an Associate Professor and avoid early termination of your contract

Find clarity on whether you want to stay as an Associate Professor or chose the competitive track to full professorship

Discover ways to handle the pressure of being a tenure tracker and create a balanced and fulfilling personal and professional life.