Ph.D. Candidates


You are embarking on one of the most exciting journeys in your life and there is a lot to look forward to. Your future Ph.D. degree will open new doors and give you opportunities you have not even thought of yet. You will very likely be able to take your career, your personal situation and your quality of life to a completely new level, see places you have only dreamt of and work with people you would not have met without your decision to go for the Big Goal.

There is only one thing….you are not there yet.

The journey to your Ph.D. has many ups and downs. You will go from feeling excited and proud to feeling daunted and insecure. Some days you will be full of certainty that you are on the right track and then, after a presentation or supervision that didn't go quite as you expected, the following days you will be wracked with doubts about your ability to write your thesis and the whole process will feel completely bewildering. You can be full of energy one minute and the next moment feel impatient, frustrated, and exhausted. And all these feelings are accompanied by the seemingly constant state of feeling overwhelmed and you asking yourself “HOW AM I GONNA DO ALL THIS?”

I know because I have been there myself.

Would you prefer to have a clear head and a structure for your Ph.D. studies in order to actually 'have a life' during the coming years? Then there is a solution for that too, I promise.

The years ahead of you can be one of the best times you will experience in your career, so make sure that when the day comes and you are standing there defending your Ph.D. thesis, you will look back and say 'I am proud of myself AND I did enjoy it'.

It is a Big Commitment – make sure that you enjoy the journey as much as you will enjoy the success of reaching your goal and being awarded your doctoral degree.